Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wake on Lan in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

Great info on the upcomming Wake On Lan (WOL) features in SMS v4 System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM 2k7) from the SMS Team.

I really like the feature where it will not turn it off and will let the power policy handle that.

The Configuration Manager 2007 WOL solution will not turn off machines after they have been woken up. This allows other processes that may have been triggered after the machine started up to complete whatever it is they need to do without the system shutting down on them. The Configuration Manager 2007 WOL process will register as a busy service when it wakes up a system and then unregister itself once the process is completed allowing existing power management processes and templates to shut the machine down. Group policy can be leveraged to configure power management options for your systems in accordance with your own WOL needs.

I think this will give administrators the features they need without over complicating things. Set a power policy in Group Policy and forget about it. Less power consumed and an increased mean time between failure on workstations. Not to mention the benefits of rebooting XP machines on a regular basis. Sounds like a "Good Thing™" all around to me!

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